Builds – What’s Happening?

Current Builds

Prince Albert Habitat for Humanity currently has two new homes in progress. Our Co-op build is underway at our Restore location on Marquis road in PA. We hope to complete digging the basement and moving the home to 589 24th street E before winter 2018.

“Our Co-op House for Yohannes and Ruta”

“Our 2018 Sask. Polytech Project”

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Keeps moving – While you drive westbound on 15th street E, watch for our second home on the go. This home will be moved and completed on site at 767 – 17th street W in spring 2019.

Contact our Director – Jan at 306-764-4662 if you would like to contribute to our 2018 build program.

Past Builds

Prince Albert Habitat for Humanity Inc. has completed 26 homes in Prince Albert since 1996. We greatly appreciate all of our past contributors, Local build material suppliers and volunteers on these projects. With your help we have succeeded in building safe, clean and affordable homes. By supporting your local Habitat for Humanity and our Restore, you are building hope for hardworking parents and their children here in Prince Albert.

Along with our Prince Albert affiliate, we are also very proud to share the success of our three chapters. Melfort Habitat Chapter has completed three homes, Nipawin Habitat has also just moved in their third Habitat partner family. Duck Lake Chapter has recently celebrated their sixth and final build in the small community. Chapters are run by a 100% volunteer board, along with a great deal of community support. Great work to all members and partners in Nipawin, Melfort and Duck Lake!

“House #23 for Prince Albert, Completed in summer 2017”